We bring you independence through state of the art services and solutions to your specific needs

With Duco Geo Solutions you have at your disposal top of the line industry tools to provide your with flexible solutions at cost saving options. Our truck freight services specializes in different segments of the industry such as: dry vans, refrigerated units, flatbed trucks, etc. Duco Geo Solutions keeps close contact with ever changing industry technologies and trends.

Take advantage of:

  • Flexible capacity

  • Bonded Shipping

  • Expanded access to truckload carrier capacity

  • Innovative transportation solutions

  • Dedicated associates to your tailored logistic needs.

DISPATCH SERVICES - Professional drivers are faced with great challenges over the road. Our job is to provide you with the necessary tools and services so you can embark in new adventures. We take care of the details and you just enjoy the road.

[ DGS ] Duco Geo Solutions dispatching services will give you peace of mind knowing you are in good hands. Weather you own or lease your truck (Dry Van, Reefer, Flat Bed, Step Deck), our group of professionals guarantees to negotiate the highest rates for you. Furthermore, we will work closely with you to be certain it is of your like and you are giving the final approval. Our phone system is open 24 hours a day.

[ DGS ] Duco Geo Solutions. Dispatching service branch will work tirelessly to bring continuity in the miles being driving. You will be assigned with a specialist who will match your needs and minimize deadhead miles.

A brief summary on how our logistics department works to meet your goals.

  • Fill out a questionnaire to assigned the right account manager.
  • Plan and set tangible goals for you and your company.
  • Once the right account manager and goals are assigned we move forward locating freight.
  • We check different load boards and get in touch with brokers.
  • Once we find a load and make it available to you for discussion.
  • Once your approval we move forward with the paperwork.
  • We check load contracts along with broker's credit to avoid any issues.
  • We work in the background by obtaining all the necessary information for proper contract fulfillment.
  • If any discrepancy with miles comes to light we re-negotiate the rate given to you.
  • We work appointment times and if there are any delays we work accordingly with the broker and shipper to adjust time frames.
  • If there are shipper's delays in either loading or unloading – we look for a proper compensation.
  • We work with your factoring company or broker for payment.

We negotiate with factoring companies to provide you with the right percentage rate – saving you money.