The StepDeck specialty resembles quite bit to FlatBed work. One could also say Stepdeck is form of specialized FlatBed. Many of the loads available in the market for FlatBed can be translated to StepDeck making this type of “specialization” very versatile. StepDeck workers often find themselves transporting heavy equipment, which may fall under the umbrella of Oversize transportation. Therefore, we look for those variants to see what is best for our customers. [ DGS ] Dispatching solutions works diligently looking for those variants creating high value opportunities for our customers. Every load booked by [DGS] dispatching services has been carefully analyzed and thought-out for our customers, creating a unique footprint.


Our Mission

To provide customers with the necessary tools to succeed in a fast pace environment.

It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.
— Winston Churchill